You may now address Miss Kittin by her original moniker: Kittin. For decades, Kittin has pioneered electroclash, that grimy, irreverent collision of new wave and ‘90s techno. Singles “1982” and “Frank Sinatra” with The Hacker cemented her as an international DJ, both tracks heralded as anthems for the underground electroclash scene. Through a relentless work ethic and a crystal pure love of music for music’s sake, Kittin, birth name Caroline Hervé, has solidified herself as a global luminary in the electronic community.

Artifex was lucky to had a chance to talk to electroclash goddess about her inner strength, new spiritual album ​Cosmos​ and balancing lifehacks to make things done.

Artifex: Hi Kittin. Things dramatically changed since the beginning of your career. What are the most exciting inventions in music industry, which keeps you high and motivated to produce new music?

Hi. To be honest with you, I don’t think inspiration comes from technical inventions or from the music industry itself, in my case it probably kills it more, because it’s a small circle. Young producers can motivate me with their fresh minds, if there wouldn’t be bringing out interesting material to play as a DJ. But as an artist, I consider you have to tell stories, and you can only do it if you nourish your life with everything around you, outside music. You have to have an exciting life, be curious, to be creative.

Artifex: Back when it all started, especially the moment you realized «just playing at friend's parties» becomes bigger than you expected. Was it a coincidence or good public relations team strategy to put you on a new level?

Definitely not. This is exactly a comment reflecting of how things work today: marketing, public relations. But I come from another time, where we didn’t have managers, tour managers, even cell phones, no social media, no selfies, etc… I started to DJ because my friends encouraged me, believed in me, and it worked. I did it very seriously because I never thought it would last, I enjoyed every chance, every moment as it was the last. It was certainly not a coincidence as I am still here… It’s a result of a good behavior and a guidance all along. I don’t think I would have liked to have a strategic team behind me like it’s the case today, I am too much of a free mind for it, but I would have certainly be more successful, and richer, which doesn’t really interest me as I don’t do this job for fame and glory…



Artifex: Obviously the world opens up wider and deeper throughout years. Is there anything that keeps you balanced on the way?

To have a happy healthy life. It seems cheesy, but I couldn’t do it if I didn’t have a base, a home, a family, the real stuff. I am quite troubled so I need a lot of peace and quiet around me to be able to think, create, and step into nightlife on weekends.

And I see, every weekend, that this rich life I have outside music is the best energy I can transmit to the people through music.

Artifex: How do you cope with criticism? Do you let in those emotions or just being an outsider for the feedback of whoever?

I don’t look at bad comments, but I accept them. You can’t please everyone, that’s a fact. And it’s everybody’s freedom to like or dislike what you do. If you let that touch you, you loose a lot of energy on the way, and maybe you start trying to create music to please people. That’s a trap.

I don’t ignore criticism, but I don’t take it personally so to speak.

Artifex: Name your 5 best techniques to get things done ending up less stressed, fresh and positive.

Ha that’s a tough one… For the most boring things like paper work, I make a list, and everyday, I have one done, instead of looking at the pile of stuff ahead of me. Sometimes it works, sometimes not! I also say to myself, the world is turning with or without me so I take distance with stress. At the end, not many things are important… I also spend a lot of time outside, I am horse riding, so this is a huge stress relief. I avoid stressful places and people, and only hang around with people that make me happy.

And most of all, I sleep a lot…

Artifex: Any personal goal for the upcoming year of 2019?

Make new music of course but that’s obvious. Go skiiing in January. Play in places I’ve never been before.



Artifex: You just released new album «Cosmos» which is described as «turning back to roots». What is hidden behind the words and why do people need to learn more on the subject?

Just because we are part of something bigger than ourselves.

Artifex: The song «Question everything» is amazingly vibrating. What are you favorite questions to yourself?

Am I tuned? Meaning, am I doing the right thing, am I doing good, how can I improve, as a Human Being?

Artifex: What is the best advice your could give to a «newly born» artist?

I don’t like to give advice, and it never works. So I’d say: make your own experiences and learn from it. We are here for that. If you do that, you will find your way without copying anyone else.

And be kind…

Artifex: Let's imagine Miss Kittin five-years-older meets Miss Kittin now. What would you say to yourself?

Nothing. Just go on.